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Scott Michael Bennett

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Scott Michael Bennett
Scott Michael Bennett in Concert at Goggins Hall in Flushing, MI on Sunday, September 22 starting at 7:00pm.  This is a free concert.  Come and enjoy the music and testimony that Scott and Heather have put together to share.  The address is 311 N. Main St, Flushing, MI.  It is the former city hall.

cott and Heather are on a mission to share their passionate music, stories, and multimedia in a powerful format to people everywhere they are invited. They want to inspire others to live a life full of purpose and led by their Creator. Their concerts are not like anything most have attended before. They are professional, well-laid-out, and flow from beginning to end. Scott's ability to pick guitar, play piano, and sing give the concerts plenty of musical variation and his short true stories united with inspiring videos give the concerts a unique amount of variety, inspirational appeal and Christ-centered emotional pull. Audiences have shared how they laughed, cried, and were inspired to a closer friendship with Jesus as they participated in the one and a half hour event.
Scott and Heather work hard to lay out a concert format. Songs are not merely just thrown into a concert, and you will not find that songs are merely sung one after another. Scott and Heather work together, with Heather setting up and running the audio/visual system and many times even running the audio board itself. They use an organized system to keep track of songs, talks, and videos during a concert with Program Boards they made and customized themselves.

Here is a biography of Scott's life over many years. A life formed by his Creator that has molded who he is today:
Scott Michael Bennett is an inspirational young singer whose sincere goal is to dramatically inspire people of all ages to reach for a higher life with God as its center and other people as its focus. He began to sing at the age of 15 and then worked hard to earn his Associates Degree in the Liberal Arts with music emphasis at the age of 18. He graduated as a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and Magna Cum Laude with high honors. He learned his father’s trade in Information Technology Network Support and worked for nearly 7 years in this field. He was a member of the acclaimed and Grammy Award winning Phoenix Symphony Chorale and Arizona State University’s debut of its Men’s Chorus.
In 2001 he won the National Young Artists’ Competition in the Vocal Performance category singing two Shakespearean songs with full orchestral accompaniment. In 2002, at the age of 19, Scott recorded and released his debut album “O Glorious Love”, recorded at Gaither Studios. This album contains fresh reinventions of some familiar hymns as well as some lesser known songs and is a favorite among Scott’s supporters. His second album, “Come As You Are” is a deeper creation that many listeners describe as “moving” and “inspirational.” Several have shared that they would listen to this album and find themselves moved to tears as they envisioned the messages conveyed in his songs.
Scott also adores kids and this has led him to provide aid for and visit orphan children in Honduras, Cuba and 250 refugee children in the Republic of Georgia. He was a well-loved camp counselor for nearly 5 years teaching Science classes to 150 campers each week.
Currently, Scott has chosen ministry in music to be his career path and life calling. In the summer of 2008, he transitioned from working in computers, and since then, has focused solely on building his life around music. He has traveled across the United States sharing moving concerts in churches, gymnasiums, and Performing Arts centers. His travels have included stops in Hawaii and Grand Cayman Islands. He has shared a concert with nearly 600 teenagers and their staff at a youth retreat in Grayling, Michigan.
Scott is very patriotic and sometimes includes a brief tribute in his concerts to the men and women in Law Enforcement, EMT/EMS, Fire Fighters, Emergency Services Personnel, and last but not least, our troops and vets both here and abroad. He has sung at the Pentagon and sings annually for a local Veterans Day program and September 11th memorial program.
Recently, Scott married his best friend & sweetheart…a friend he’d known for years before they realized a mutual interest in each other and knew God was bringing them together to share their lives as one. Heather Bennett (formerly Kincaid) is a sweet, bubbly, & vibrant young person who is excited about every challenge around the corner. Scott & Heather’s deep commitment to each other and to their spiritual growth has created a dynamic duo in ministry. Fresh Day Music begins the new year with Heather and Scott working side-by-side to inspire, hope, & share deep and meaningful messages to people everywhere through use of passionate music, multimedia, and presentations.