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STEP IT UP - Adding More Steps to Your Day

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STEP IT UP - Adding More Steps to Your Day

How can you stop sitting so much and add some more steps to your day? Here are some easy ways you can become more active and grow in health.

Most people get in 2000 steps without thinking about it. But if you add 2000 more, you will have walked one mile. 

Smart Steps at Work and Home
1.  Park further back in the parking lot and walk farther to the door.
2.  Use the farthest entrance into your workplace from your parking spot and walk through the building to your work area.
3.  Circle or pace in the room while you are waiting for meetings to start. I have often walked in place while waiting for the doctor in an examination room.
4.  When making a phone call, stand and pace as you talk.
5.  Never go in a drive-through. Get out and park and walk into the bank or restaurant.
6.  Take the stairs rather than the elevator.
7.  Return the shopping cart all the way to the store after shopping.
8.  Walk the track at your local high school. 4 laps is roughly 2000 steps (1 mile).
9.  Use a push-mower to mow your lawn.
10. Use a walking video so you can get in your steps on a rainy day.

Short, Dedicated Walks
1.  Marching Minutes--Every 30 minutes, get up from your chair and do 1-5 minutes of walking in place. 
You could also stretch your arms, shoulder and neck.
2.  Walk your dog(s).
3.  Look over your usual trips that you take in your car. Is there an errand you might do by walking?
4.  Make several trips going up and down the stairs when doing laundry.
5.  March in place while watching TV, listening to music, or even working at your computer.

Walking Together--2 or More
1.  Form a workplace walking group to meet together during lunch or on a break.
2.  Form a church walking club.
3.  Make it a family habit to walk 10-20 minutes together after dinner or first thing in the morning.
4.  Accompany your kids on their walk to school.
5.  Create a step competition with family, coworkers or friends. See who can get in the most steps in a week.
6.  Sign up for a community 5K Walking event.
7.  Meet a friend at the mall and go walking together before the stores open up.

Fun Weekend Walks
1.  Visit For-Mar or Flushing Nature Preserve or another park in your community on Sabbath and enjoy walking in nature.
2.  Go for seasonal walks--Holiday home tours, walking to see holiday lights, walking to enjoy flowers and gardens as well as nature trails at different parts of the year.
3.  Join a historic walking tour of your town or one close by.

Counting Your Steps
1 mile = 2000 average steps
1 mile = 20 average minutes
1 city block = 200 average steps