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Pathfinder rules

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Pathfinder rules

Pathfinders will follow the following rules in order to have a good Christ centered Pathfinder meeting.
No bad language.
No putting down others. We must uplift others just as Jesus would.
No talking out of turn. There are times during a meeting that you can talk. Talking out of turn disrupts others and is rude when guests are asked to help with Pathfinder activities. Also, when in conversation with friends, you do not hear all the instructions and announcements. We must be respectful to those who have volunteered their time to be at the Pathfinder meetings and outings.
No Fighting, hitting or any other form of physical aggression toward others.
The proper uniform must be worn. 
We are trying to develop a Christ like character. There are things that distract from that development. That is why we have rules. If everyone had the character of Christ now, we would not need rules. 
The first offense results in the loss of 10 points. The second offense results in the loss of 10 more points, the third offense will result in the loss of the remainder of the points and the parents will be called to pick up the Pathfinder. If the behavior continues for three meetings in a row and the Pathfinder is asked to leave all three times, the Pathfinder will be not able to attend meetings and events for a three-month period with no points earned. Pathfinders need 50% of the total points to be eligible for outings, such as camporee, Teen Snow Outing, Spring Campout, sledding, etc. There needs to be rules and consequences for the rules if they are broken in order to maintain a safe, orderly Pathfinder meeting.