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Pathfinder Point System

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Pathfinder Point System


Pathfinder points for the 2014-2015Pathfinder year are as follows:
50 points per meeting can be earned. 100 points will be earned for Induction, Pathfinder Sabbath, Bible Achievement, Sabbath Outreach Activity, Pathfinder Fair and Investiture. Pathfinders must have 50% of the total points to be eligible for Winter Campout, Teen Snow outing, club campouts, and fun activities. At mid-year and  the end of the year, Pathfinders with 90% and above will be eligible for a special day.   It is really important that the Pathfinders are at Pathfinder meetings and outings. There are many things that Pathfinders do to prepare them for leadership and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Please, if a Pathfinder cannot make a meeting or event, let a staff member know so the Pathfinder will not loose all the points for that meeting or event. For example, if the family is out of town or the Pathfinder is sick, the Pathfinder will still receive 20 out of 50 points, if the staff is notified before the event. If the staff is notified after the meeting or event 10 points will be awarded for an excused absence. That is easier to make up to retain the 90%.  If the Pathfinder chooses to do something else instead of attending meetings or events, then a zero will be entered for that meeting. Also, if a Pathfinder misses three meetings in a row without notifying the Director or staff, the Pathfinder will be removed from the club until the next Pathfinder year.  

Points: Each Pathfinder will be awarded 50 points per meeting 

The following can be deducted.
Attendance 10  
On time 5  
Dues 5 $1.00 per meeting, none on Sabbath
Conduct/Attitude           10  each time the Pathfinder
 displays bad behavior
Proper Uniform 10  Check schedule for proper uniform
Participation 10  Must do all the assigned work
Note:      Bad conduct and bad attitude can result in loss of more than 10 points if the behavior continues. 
Non-participation includes song service, AY classwork, Honors, drilling and marching and whatever else the club participates in during the meeting. There are people taking time out to help us with these things and we want good behavior and participation.