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Adventurer Reading List


Every year, Adventurers read 5 new books from the Adventurer Reading List.
They will receive a Reading Certificate for reading these books.
A Reading Certificate is required to be invested in an Adventurer Class.
Adventurers can read the books by themselves or with a parent.

Bible Heroes (choose 1 story from this book                           
Jesus, Friend of Children (choose 1 story)                              
Professor Appleby Series (#2,3, or 6)
Shoebox Kid Series (choose any book)
Forever Stories (choose 1 story from this book)
My Bible Storybook (choose 1 story from this book)

Auntee Edna
Cat in the Cage
Daniel Learns about Baptism and Communion
Don't Let Your Heart Feel Funny
Giraffe's Tale
I Miss Grandpa
The Kim, Kari, and Kevin Book
Margie Asks Why Do People Have to Die?
Michael Asks Why
More than 2 Hands
Packy, Pokey and Sally
Secret Keys
Shoebox Series (12 books to choose from)

HEALTH OR SAFETY                                                     
What's the Matter with Rusty?                                              
HISTORY OR MISSIONS                                               
Adventist Girl Series (choose any book)                                 
Cassie, A Girl with a Hero's Heart                                        
Cassie After Antietam                                                         
Ellen--The Girl with 2 Angels                                                
Camp Meeting Angel                                                            
The Little Girl who Giggled                                                   
Charlie Horse                                                                     
Mrs. White's Secret Sock                                                     
Mr. Squirrel's Treasure                                                         
Ellen's Miracle Horse                                                           
Where's Moo Cow?
Tig's Tale
Grandma Ellen and Me

Calamity Jane                                                                      
Grandpa's Furry and Feathered Friends                                 
Jet, the Story of a Talking Supercrow                                    
Julius, the Pesky Pet Parrot                                                  
Julius Again                                                                         
Tina, the Really Rascally Red Fox                                         
Skeeter, the Wildly Wacky Raccoon                                      
Prince, the Persnickety Pony  
Lucy, the Curiously Comical Cow
Thor, the Thunder Cat
Petunia, the Ugly Pig
Nibbles, the Mostly Mischievous Monkey
Beanie, the Horse that Wasn't a Horse
Secrets of a Little Birch
Prince Prances Again 
Secrets of the Sea (or any in this series)



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